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How to Cure Frizzy, Dry, Doll Hair Using the Hot Water Dunk Method

As doll hair gets older, and endures a lot brushing it starts looking dry and frizzy, especially at the ends.


I picked up a secondhand Maplelea Jenna doll and noticed that her hair was certainly in this type of condition.  I turned to my friend Amy who is a hair stylist for help with this problem.  Amy has worked at HRS of Calgary for many years, and therefore has a lot of experience with hair extensions both human and synthetic.  In the following post I will walk you through the steps she recommended in this type of situation.


As always before you get started, protect your doll’s body from water.

Jenna hair

She told me to take hot boiling water.  (I used it straight from the kettle.)


Dip the doll’s hair into the water.  I dipped the hair a few times until I saw it steaming.  (Be careful not to leave your doll’s hair in the water for too long, as it will cause the hair to fade.)

Jenna_hair _brush_Fotor

Then brush her hair out.  (Careful it’s hot!)


Then set the hair with velcro rollers.  (My daughter tried using brush rollers in her doll’s hair and it was a mess, and foam rollers will dent the hair as it sets.)


These are the rollers I used in the photo above.  Of course there are other brands of velcro rollers that will work as well.


Once the hair it set how you like, Amy recommended pouring cold water over the hair for 5 minutes.  I was worried about how I was going to do this without getting Jenna’s face wet, so instead I opted to spritz the her hair with cold water instead.  (The cold water helps the style to set.)  I left the rollers in place for about 24 hours…


…and here she is!


I was so impressed with these results.  No frizzes that I can see!

Thank you Amy!


37 thoughts on “How to Cure Frizzy, Dry, Doll Hair Using the Hot Water Dunk Method

  1. I used this method to straighten an AG Marie-Grace’s hair after it had been in braids for an extended time, worked like a charm! I think this method is much safer for the doll than using a hot iron too.

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  2. She looks amazing! The other thing that really works well is plain old shampoo and conditioner. That’s what I used on two of my dolls, and it worked wonders! I haven’t tried recurling our doll’s hair yet, but I was looking at some tutorials, and they say a toothbrush is handy for frizz. You can also twist sections of hair, pin them with bobby pins and let it set for a day for tighter curls. Just some more thoughts!

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  3. Wow! What great results! It’s kind of a reverse boil perm. I dipped a doll already in curlers into boiling water to permanently curl her hair. I will remember this for straightening in future.

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  6. I wish I had found your blog back when you wrote it. I am enjoying each and every entry. So informative. May have to try this method on Caroline. If the wig spray doesn’t work

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