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Review of Maplelea’s Canada Day Outfits

Due to devastating wildfires that affected the people of Fort McMurrayMaplelea has committed to donate 25% of the profit made from their Canadian themed doll and girl clothing from May 20th-26th to Save the Children Canada.


In the above photo my daughters and their dolls, Alexi and Saige are modelling Maplelea’s Canada Day Shirt for Girls and the Canada Day outfit for dolls.  Today is the last day to purchase these outfits as well as the Strong and Free outfits in order to donate.

First up for review is Maplelea’s Canada Day Outfit for Dolls:

This is such a cute outfit, and I love the little flag that comes with it for the dolls to hold.


As you can see in the photo above, for our American Girl doll on the left, we had to use a clear elastic in order for the flag to stay in place in her hand.  The flag fit perfectly into our Maplelea doll’s hand, as seen on the right.  Although the flag may not have been a perfect fit, the clothing fit both dolls equally well.

Next to review is Maplelea’s Canada Day Shirt for Girls:

I was so impressed with the quality of this shirt.  It is made of a very thick, high quality cotton.  I loved that the shirt doesn’t have any tags.  (This is important when you have a child with sensitive skin.)  We have had these shirts for about a year now and they are still in great condition despite much abuse.


I did notice some cracks in the silkscreening as seen in the photo above.  Despite these cracks the image has not peeled at all, and as mentioned before this shirt is a year old and has been through my washer and dryer many times!  This is my oldest daughter’s favourite shirt, she loves looking at the images and figuring out why they represent Canada.

I love these two products and would definitely recommend adding them to your Canadian doll collection.


26 thoughts on “Review of Maplelea’s Canada Day Outfits

    • Thanks Brenda! I love was lucky and grabbed these shirts on sale last year for $5 each. I had no idea what to expect… but I am the kind of person who can’t walk away from a sale! I was so impressed with the quality and the images, adorable!


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  2. Oh, such fine outfits. Yes, the screen print on the Tee is fantastic. So much significant symbolism. Also, impressed with the Strong and Free outfit. It looks really hefty and I wouldn’t worry about the shoes if it comes off. They are super well done. First I was thinking of making them myself but the Canada Day outfit is better purchased, I think. The other one isn’t available anymore so if I want it, I will have to make it. That’s okay. That one I think I can tackle.

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