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Review of Maplelea’s Strong and Free Outfits

Due to devastating wildfires that affected the people of Fort McMurrayMaplelea has committed to donate 25% of the money they make from their Canadian themed doll and girl clothing from May 20th-26th.


Today I want to show you Maplelea’s Strong and Free collection which is part of this promotion, which my daughter and her doll Brianne are modelling in the photo above.

First up is the Strong and Free Hoodie for Girls:

I was impressed with the quality of this hoodie, the fabric was thick and warm.  The silkscreened “Canadian Girl” stamp did fade a bit with washing however I did wash it in warm water, and threw it in the dryer.  If you plan on ordering one for your child, I can tell you that I found the hoodie fit true to size.

Next up is the Strong and Free outfit for dolls:

I was really impressed with this outfit, I would like to buy one for all of our dolls!  A word of advice with the hoodie for the doll, make sure that you put the doll’s head in first, THEN pull her arms through.  This advice will save you a lot of frustration.

As much as I love this outfit, and I want to say that I loved everything about it, I had a bit of a problem with the shoes.  I noticed when I took them out of the box that they looked like someone had taken a yellow highlighter to them.  It was strange though that the yellow was only on the rubber part of the shoes.  If someone little in my house had gotten a hold of them, the yellow would have been everywhere.

So I contacted Maplelea, they told me that they are aware that these shoes develop a yellowing after exposure to the sun, or some come out of the box with the yellowing.  I was encouraged to use a baby wipe or another “safe” product to remove the yellow residue.  So I rubbed and rubbed with a baby wipe and sure enough I was able to rub off the yellow.


In the photo above you can see the shoe on the right still has the yellow residue and has not been treated by the baby wipe.  The shoe on the left has been rubbed with the baby wipe and looks great!  I asked Maplelea how often they think that I would have to do this treatment, and if they were looking into correcting it.  From what it sounded like the yellow doesn’t come back once it is removed, so it is not a concern to the company.

If you do however find that the baby wipe doesn’t take the yellow off your Maplelea “Strong and Free” shoes please contact Maplelea and let them know.  This company has great customer service, and they will likely find a resolution that would please you.

Overall I was very impressed with the hoodie and the doll outfit.  I would recommend both despite the yellow on the shoes.


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