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Review of American Girl Mini Doll

After seeing the reduced prices on several American Girl mini dolls on the Indigo website, I  decided to buy a two to see what they were like.  However, before I get started in my review I want to share with you what I learned bout the AG mini dolls from American Girl Wiki.

The American girl mini dolls were first released in 1995 by Pleasant Company and were sold with a mini-pamphlet and an abridged version of the character’s meet book.  These mini dolls had fixed glass eyes, stuffed bodies with neck strings, and wigged hair.  It wasn’t until 1998 when American Girl became part of Mattel that the mini dolls have evolved into the dolls that we see today.  If you would like to see the older AG mini dolls I would recommend visiting Once Upon a Doll Collection.

So now we can get started!

I bought Maryellen Larkin for myself.  She was just too cute in her 1950s style clothing, I couldn’t resist!  Here she is in her little box.  When I read that she came with a book I was expecting a larger book that I could read, so I was slightly disappointed with the size.  However, later when I stopped to consider that these 6.5 inch dolls are intended to be dolls for your 18 inch doll, it made sense for the books to be doll sized as well.  Although the books are very small they contain a full story, complete with chapters!  My 8 year old daughter had no problem reading the fine print inside, I on the other hand didn’t wish to strain my aging eyes.


So here she is out of her little box!  Isn’t she just adorable?  (In order to make this post less photo heavy, I have done side by side comparisons of Maryellen with and without her clothing.)


Here she is from the side.  I just love her tiny shoes with the little detail of the buckle.  The buckles are only for show and don’t actually work, but they sure are cute!


Here she is from the back.  There is a stamp her lower back certifying that she is an American Girl doll.  There are other numbers below that probably have something to do with production.  I wasn’t able to get a good shot of the stamp or the numbers, seeing that she was so tiny.  I have come to the conclusion that I will have to invest in a macro lens, if I am to continue these mini doll reviews.


Here are her adorable little clothes.  I loved that she came wearing a tiny pair of panties with lace trim!  Her little bolero was so sweet too!  I was really impressed with all the details added in these tiny clothes.  Her dress uses a soft close velcro, however the rough side is facing up, so be careful with hair snagging.  My 6 year old daughter could easily dress and undress this doll.  The only hang up were the faux leather shoes, she had trouble getting getting them back on on.  I ended up having to do it for her, and it did take a bit of effort.


Her joints aren’t very flexible, they are limited to rotating in a circle only.  This was the most her limbs would move from their original position.


I wasn’t able to depress her face or limbs any significant amount, however her body was very flexible.


This a closeup of her adorable face.  (Again, I will be putting a macro lens on my Christmas wish list, so I can have better closeup photos in the future.)  I found it interesting that her eyes were painted.  Her head also turns easily from side to side, seeing that her body is made of a soft vinyl.


The American girl mini dolls have very soft rooted hair.  I didn’t want to take Maryellen’s ponytail out so my daughter allowed me to use her Rebecca Rubin doll as a model.  Here you can see how densely her hair has been rooted.  Also you can see that American Girl thought to add the detail of painting the scalp as well, something that I appreciate.

These dolls are adorable!  I am so glad that I took the plunge and bought two.  I am fairly confident that our American Girl mini doll collection will be growing in the future.


23 thoughts on “Review of American Girl Mini Doll

  1. I love them!! They are so cute! I really enjoyed the link back to look at some of the older mini dolls. They were so much smaller then! Their glass eyes are cute, but the painted ones are much better. I still really like the OG mini doll’s eyes the best. Although, I just can’t stand how cute the mini Maryellen is. She’s on a certain wish list. 🙂

    ginnie /

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  2. I like the new mini dolls with their vinyl bodies. The older version was not quite the right shape. I think trying to make them from cloth was too bulky for a small doll like this. Thanks for the review, very informative!

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