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Review of Our Generation Mini Doll

A few months ago my children and I stumbled upon a sale at Mastermind Toys.  Seeing that all Our Generation dolls and accessories were 20% off, we had to get a mini doll to try out!


Here is her tag before we get started.


My daughter choose Mini Lana to take home that day.  Here she is with and without clothing.  As you can see in the photo, her body is stuffed similar to the 18 inch Our Generation dolls.


Here she is from the side.


This is was she looks like from behind.


I found it very interesting that she had strings in her arm and leg joints.  The 18 inch Our Generation dolls do not have strings in their arm or leg joints, which limits their poses.


Her she is showing her flexibility.


She has inset plastic eyes that are stationary, similar to the Journey Girls‘ eyes.  Due to her stuffed body, she has a tight tie around her neck. This tie restricts the movement of her head when you turn it from side to side.  (You can turn her head, but it’s not easy!)


She has rooted hair, in this photo you can see how densely her hair is distributed.

OG mini doll

This is the adorable outfit she came with.  My 6 year old daughter had no problem, dressing and undressing this doll.

A great doll for the price, she and the other Our Generation 6″ mini dolls are available for $12.99 each, regular price at Mastermind Toys.

*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.*

21 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation Mini Doll

  1. We adore the Our Generation minis! ❤ We got ours on sale at Mastermind Toys too! 🙂 Such a great deal! I like their eyes more than the painted on AG mini eyes. They are so sparkly! I also really love their faces. I feel that they are even prettier than the full sized OG dolls. We love our minis! We have been looking in on the mini world more often lately to see what they are up to! 😉

    ginnie /

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  2. The OG ones are more realistic-looking to me-especially their eyes! I hope I can find one soon. Living in Canada is sometimes a challenge for a doll collector!

    ❤ Miri ❤

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