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The Perfect Detangling Spray for your Dolls!

I found another great product at Sally Beauty Supply that I had to share with you!

Alexi messy hair_Fotor

I picked up this Maplelea Alexi doll secondhand, and as you can see her hair was a tangled mess!  I was looking for help with what do to with her hair as it was so matted.  I was afraid to start brushing, because I was worried I would pull out most of the hair from her wig.


So I took a trip to Sally’s to see what they had.  I thought that I would try this detangling spray for hair extensions.  There were a few promises on the bottle; “refreshes and softens”, “helps prevent dryness and breakage”.  I hoped that at least one these promises would be fulfilled!

So I spritzed down Alexi’s and went to work.  I started brushing from the bottom up in small sections, with my looper brush.

Alexi hair smooth_Collage_Fotor_Fotor

The results were amazing!  She doesn’t even look like the same doll!  I actually started using this product on any doll before I brush their hair.  The spray helps to loosen and tangles, adds some moisture to the hair, and smooths flyaways.

The last time that I was at the American Girl store I noticed that the hair stylist misted the doll’s hair prior to styling.  I feel that this is the best practice if you want to keep your doll looking her best.  You don’t have to use the detangling spray prior to brushing your doll’s hair, a spray bottle with plain water will work too.


18 thoughts on “The Perfect Detangling Spray for your Dolls!

  1. Wow, that’s a huge difference! I may have to get some of this and try it on my poor Jan. She’s an Our Generation I found at a thrift store and I’ve tried so many things. I’ve even thought about shaving it off and putting a wig on her!

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  2. Thanks for writing this! I have been looking for a safe alternative for detangling hair. A friend’s family gave me a collectible doll from her doll collection when she passed away, as they did with other neighbors who grew close to her. Mine is a Rapunzel doll, so you can imagine all the detangling fun I get to do! I enjoy reading your posts here, as I know many who like to collect dolls as well; I’ll be happy to pass your blog link along. Thanks again!

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  4. Took a break and bought myself some Braid Spray off I have heard that is good from other sources and after hearing your testimony it sounded like I really needed the product. We do have quite a few of the AG dolls but most of them bought used. So not having had the courage to mess with their hair, this was overdue, and thanks to your post, I finally did it.

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