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Review of Canada’s Tiny Pretenders

Great Pretenders is a company created by a Canadian mother who felt that there weren’t enough toys that encouraged imagination in children.  So she created this company which focuses on imaginative play through dressing up.  Great Pretenders products are available online from, or at Mastermind Toys.

After browsing the Great Pretenders site, I was very impressed with the selection of costumes available for both boys and girls.  I was also excited when I learned that matching costumes for 18-20″ dolls are also available.  How sweet is that?  Your daughter and her doll can dress-up together!  The costumes available for dolls are called “Tiny Pretenders”.

tiny pretender

My daughter received the Tiny Pretenders Cheerleader 18” Doll Outfit last year as a gift.  Naturally I was excited to check out this product of a Canadian company!

tiny pretender

This is what came with the outfit, a red sequin tulle dress, silver modesty shorts, and 2 pom poms.


The pom poms are made of thin, shiny strips of plastic, similar to the streamers you see on bike handles.  There is an elastic in the centre for the doll to hold.


The modesty shorts are made of thin, shiny, slippery fabric.


The bodice of the dress is made of a stretchy, spandex type fabric.  Rough style velcro is used as a closure, and the rough side is facing up.  With those two factors, you have to be extra careful when you pull this dress on, that it doesn’t snag your doll’s hair.


A white lining fabric is used under the red tulle skirt.


Here is the back of the dress on our Maplelea Girl, Brianne.

tiny pretender

Although the shorts were a great fit, the dress was a bit snug.  Looking at the photos on the Great Pretenders website, I see that Journey Girls and My Life dolls were used as models.  Journey Girls are much slimmer than Maplelea and American Girl dolls, and My Life dolls aren’t stuffed as tightly as Maplelea and American Girl dolls.  Therefore this outfit would probably be a better fit on those dolls.

tiny pretender

Here is Brianne all dressed to cheer in this outfit.   As this outfit did not come with shoes, I improvised with the shoes from our Maplelea outfit “Strong and Free“.

Overall I would rate this outfit as above average.  Of course it doesn’t have the attention to detail that I have come expect from other companies like Maplelea, however this outfit was nearly half the price of Maplelea’s Pom Pom Power.  Also you have to consider that  Tiny Pretenders outfits are created for little girls wanting their dolls to look like them, not for older girls looking to collect.

Would I recommend Tiny Pretenders? Absolutely!  Had my girls been younger when I found out about these outfits, they would have been twinning with their dolls all the time!  Such a great idea!  A great product from a great Canadian company.


11 thoughts on “Review of Canada’s Tiny Pretenders

  1. That looks like such a fun outfit! I’m always one to like a cheer leading outfit, anyway. 😉 I especially like the pom-poms. They look like really good quality. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. Brianne’s hair looks fabulous in that fishtail! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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