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Check Out This Doll We Found at London Drugs!


A few weeks ago Michelle and I took a field trip to London Drugs, I was on the look out for Hearts for Hearts dolls.  Sadly we did not find the Hearts for Hearts dolls, but we did find Friendship Kids 18 inch dolls.


Even though the dolls were on sale for $20, I couldn’t justify the money at the time.  Instead we opened the box in the store, and Michelle slipped her hand inside to check out the doll.  (Yes, we received some dirty looks from some passing employees.)

We discovered that the only the head, feet, and hands on this doll are vinyl, the rest of the body is stuffed.  So there is no way this doll could stand on it’s own with stuffed legs.  The stuffed arms would also completely limit her wardrobe choices.

Her eyes are stationary, so they don’t open and close like most other doll’s eyes.

We were very impressed to find that this doll has wigged hair.  We can’t speak for the quality of the hair, since we never actually took her out of the box.


Here are some photos of her box.

friendship dollCollage_Fotor_Fotor

I prefer the outfit of this doll, she has a sweet face.

I know this that isn’t as in depth as our other doll reviews.  However I knew that with the limitations of her body, she would not be played with much at our house.  Anyway, it’s always interesting to see another 18 inch doll line.

~Meg & Michelle~


I have been doing a bit more research on these dolls, and according to what I read on Dollation they were discontinued in 2015.  I also noticed that London Drugs has reduced the price on these dolls further still to $14.99.  That indeed is a great price!

I was also sad to find out that Hearts for Hearts dolls have been discontinued as well.  The only place to buy them now looks like eBay and Amazon at prices I can’t justify.  I would love to see another line of dolls come out that is as diversified as that one, it was incredible!


*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.*

10 thoughts on “Check Out This Doll We Found at London Drugs!

  1. Are Hearts for hearts dolls avalible where you live? I thought they were a discontinued line, it’s too bad because they’re amazing dolls!! I got Nahji, the one from India, and she’s beautiful. Good info on these dolls, I do like the outfit the last doll is wearing.

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  2. I have several Kingstate dolls. They do indeed stand on their own but are a little wobbly. They are slightly smaller than American Girl dolls and more petite looking but only ever so slightly. They are a great deal for the cost. The Friendship Kids line gets put out as a production run so they may be back. The last run is what you are seeing on clearance but they seem to make them every few years again so we shall see. I have turned several into boys as their rooted hair is easy to cut and shape into a short cut.

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  3. I have seen them on others’ posts and the Heart to Heart dolls are adorable. I think you can afford one now. It seems after the Wellie Wishers arrived the bottom fell out of the market for them and they are quite reasonable on ebay – all things relative of course.

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