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Review of Our Generation Doll

Like many Canadian Our Generation fans, we were sad to see Target leave us last year.  I loved taking my daughters and playing with the RV, the jeep, and all their other wonderful play sets.  The best part about the Our Generation line was that the prices were so affordable.  At Christmastime Target opened an international website, where you could have items shipped to Canada, but shipping costs were pricey, once I added shipping and import fees I was paying more than double for most items.  Needless to say I passed.

I thought that my Our Generation days were over, and then Michelle discovered that the Our Generation line of 18 inch dolls was available at Mastermind Toys, right here in Canada!  We were so excited that we left the kids at home and took off on a field trip.  When we walked into the store we were greeted by beautiful of wall of pink!  Michelle and I were like two kids in a candy shop, squealing and giggling as we checked out the all the play sets and adorable outfits.  As I walked around the store one doll kept catching my eye, little Abrianna.  As hard I tried to leave the store empty handed, I couldn’t do it, she just had to come home with me!

So what’s the deal with the Our Generation dolls?  Allow our model Abrianna to show you!

The Our Generation  dolls are available in many different eye, skin, and hair colour combinations.  Regular Our Generation dolls come with a  brief story on the back of the box, and are priced at $36.99-39.99.


However, their Deluxe Dolls come with their own story book and other extra features and are priced at $59.99.


Our model today is Abrianna, a regular Our Generation doll.


Just proof she is an Our Generation doll.


Once thing I noticed right away about this doll was that her body was made of different fabric then the other 18-inch dolls.


The other dolls’ fabric feels more like cotton, and this fabric was shiny and would be more comparable to spandex.


Here is a view her from the side.  Her body is plump like, the American Girls and Maplelea Girls.


This is the stamp found on the back of her neck.  This stamp indicates that her mold was created in 1998.  There are no visible strings on the doll’s neck, but you can palpate a small bump created from a zip tie.


This doll has a beautiful face, and very fine features.


I love the details in her eyebrows, they look like actual hair.  Her eyes don’t have much detail.  However, her lips are beautiful and full.

Her eyes close when lying, and her eyelashes are nice and dark.


This doll has beautiful dark curly hair.  I was afraid of tangling it, so I didn’t take it out of the pigtails she came wearing.


This doll has rooted hair.


Here you can see that her hair is fairly thick.  One thing that I noticed was that Battat dolls have lines on their heads where the hair is rooted.  I found this very interesting, as I have never seen it on any other brand thus far.


The hands on this doll are fairly spread, on both the right and left hand.  Having the hands spread like this will make it difficult for them to hold objects during play.


Her feet are wide and flat, which help her to stand independently.

OG doll legCollage_Fotor_Fotor

Her legs have a cute little kneecap detail in the front, however in the back there is not much detail.


Her hip joints were different from the other dolls.  I wasn’t able to pull out her legs to see if there was a white string but according to the Toy Box Philosopher, her hip and arm joints  “rotate within a plastic joint capsule”.  So a different type of joint from most other 18-inch dolls, this type of joint limits the doll’s movement and posing.

OG doll armCollage_Fotor_Fotor

The front of her arm has some detail at the elbows, but not much at the back.


Her arm joint is the same as her hip joint.


The vinyl she is made of is firm, however I was able to depress her cheeks a bit as seen above.

Over all I was impressed with the quality of this doll.


She did come with a bit of glue stuck to her left leg.  I think that this could be easily removed with a bit of Goo Gone.

Want Our Generation products but you don’t want to be stuck with the deadly shipping or import fees?  Great news Canadians, you can find Our Generation dolls and accessories not only at Mastermind Toys, but at,,, and of course!


*As always on our site prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.


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