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The Perfect Brush for Your Doll’s Hair


Last week my daughter brought another doll home to fix up.  She is also a My Life doll the same brand as Chloe.


This is what her hair looked like when she came to us, she definitely needed some brushing!

looper brush

This was perfect timing, as Michelle and I were at the Sally Beauty Supply store a week earlier and spied this Satin Strands looper brush. It is designed to be gentle on hair extensions, so I thought I would give it a try on our dolls.

So I got to work brushing…


In the photo above her hair is half brushed.  As you can see on the right side the loop brush does a good job.  I like this brush a lot, the plastic loops are flexible so when they hit a knot, they will skip over it, and you can go back later to work on it.  The metal wig brushes I have used in the past, plow through knots pulling at the doll’s hair, and causing greater hair loss and breakage.  This hair breakage will cause the doll’s hair to look frizzy after time.

In the photos below you can see the amount of hair lost with the wire wig brush, versus the new loop brush.

My Life doll hair and brush

This is how much hair I pulled out during Chloe’s spa visit.


This was how much hair was pulled during this doll’s spa visit using the new looper style brush.  (I added the wire wig brush in the photo for comparion.)

As you can see in the two comparison photos above, this new loop brush does not pull the hair as much.  After seeing these results, I feel that the looper brush it the best option for your doll’s hair.

newloopbrush 6_Fotor

Here is our new friend’s hair all fixed and ready to return home.  Another successful trip to the spa!


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