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My, How Leonie Has Changed!

In my Maplelea generation number post I referenced Leonie 2008-1 and Leonie 2011-6.  In this post I will show the differences between the two dolls, it’s interesting to see the changes that Maplelea has made in this doll.


Here are the two Leonie dolls side by side. Leonie 2008-1 is on the left and Leonie 2011-6 is on the right, this is how the dolls will be positioned thoughout this post.  As you can see in the photo, 2008-1 is slightly taller than 2011-6.


The hair colour difference in minimal, and barely visible in this photo.  Leonie 2011-6’s hair is slightly darker.


This is Leonie 2008-1, her eyes are much wider and lighter.  Her forehead is taller and her cheeks are a different shape.  Leonie’s mould definitely changed after the first generation.


I think that Leonie 2011-6 has a sweeter face than 2008-1. Leonie 2011-6’s eyes look more like they are smiling than 2008-1.  The smile and the nose look as though they haven’t changed.


Leonie 2008-1’s eyelashes are much lighter than Leonie 2011-6.


The buttons on the sweaters are a different style.  Also the knitting of Leonie 2008-1’s sweater is a bit wider than the newer Leonie’s.


Leonie 2008-1’s skin is lighter than Leonie 2011-6.


The boots have changed as well.  Leonie 2008-1’s boot were made of a thin faux leather, that wore through easily.  As you can see in the photo the flower details on the left are folding over, while the flowers on the boot on the right are not.  Leonie 2011-6’s boots are thicker and more durable, a much better boot.

I prefer Leonie 2011-6, which do you prefer?


12 thoughts on “My, How Leonie Has Changed!

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  2. I think I prefer the lighter eyes of 2008-1.

    I also wanna comment that my 2012-8 Leonie has a very high forehead, and I wouldn’t be surprised if wig placement varies even in dolls from the same batch.

    PS: I love Maplelea!

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    • Me too. I have some other older Maplelea dolls that I plan to post photos of here too. It interesting to see how much they have changed, and as far as I am concerned, improved over the past 13 years. So glad you visit us, I love your blog!


  3. I have a2014-10. Leonie is my favorite Maplelea face mold, and the only doll I’ve bought so far. I do like the mold on KMF11. I’ll have to see what mold number she is, some day.

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  4. Wow, what a difference. I never took to the Maplelea dolls, but I might have been looking only at used ones of the old generation. That is a marked improvement. The face was tweeked in such a great way. Much nicer. And the size is probably much closer to AG now. Too bad they can’t trade shoes. I think the rest of them must be very compatible now or am I mistaken?

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    • The American Girl clothing is a bit short and wide for the Maplelea dolls, but if you aren’t too fussy it’s not too obvious. Most shoes you can make work as well.


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