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Review of Maplelea’s Secord Slippers


Today, we would like to recognize an incredible Canadian woman, Laura Secord.  Please take the time to watch the Heritage Minute below to learn more about her:

Maplelea produces Secord slippers for girls, which are named for this brave woman.  You can see the slippers in our video below:

I ordered these slippers from the latest Maplelea Catalogue, for my daughters this past Christmas.

This is the description found in the catalogue for the slippers: slippercatalogFotor

So I was quite surprised when they arrived and there were no journal pages to be found!  I contacted Maplelea, I was informed by their director of operations and logistics that this was an error in the catalog and would be corrected.

So the journal pages reference was a mistake, needless to say I was disappointed as I love the Canadian history that accompanies Maplelea products.  However I am glad it was corrected, so others will not be disappointed.  Once I again I was impressed with Maplelea’s prompt customer service.

I must say I have been very impressed with the quality of the slippers.  Christmas morning my daughter got chocolate on her slippers, and was devastated.  I threw them in the washer and dryer on low, and they came out like new!  I would definitely recommend these slippers, just be aware they do not come with journal pages.


*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.*

4 thoughts on “Review of Maplelea’s Secord Slippers

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  2. It is too bad that Maplelea does the whole “retiring of outfits” thing like AG. Something like the Laura Secord and the Anne of Green Gables outfits should be available for Canadian girls who just start collecting now. I would be okay with them doing so for the ‘fashion” outfits but not those historical treasures. Agree?

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