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Maplelea vs American Girl: A Bunny Review


Hoppy Easter from all of us at Canadian Doll Notebook!  In celebration of the Easter season, we will introduce you to five lovely bunnies.

We recently purchased Julie’s Bunny, Nutmeg at our local American Girl Store.  He is a cute stuffed brown bunny that came with a basket bed, pillow, and carrots to munch on, but I have to admit I was seriously disappointed in him.  His face lacks definition, he has no whiskers, and it’s hard to tell whether he has a nose or a mouth at all.  He has earned the unfortunate nickname “Poo Bunny” in this house as he resembles that specific emoji💩

Also in our collection of doll pets, we also have Hoppit and her Bunnies from Maplelea. This set comes with a mother rabbit and her three bunnies.  As seen in the video above,  each bunny is unique, and their faces and paws are detailed with extra stitching.  I love the other added details such as their little whiskers, pink inside the ears, and cute fluffy tails.  This attention to details is important to me.

Although Nutmeg is well loved by my daughter, from a parent’s standpoint I feel that $28.99 was too much to spend on this toy. Hoppit and her Bunnies are also well loved and were $22,  as a parent I feel that this your better bunny choice.  Which one would you choose?

As an added bonus today enjoy CDN Junior‘s Easter video!


*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.*

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