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Review of Our Generation Hair Play doll

Do you remember Phoebe from our bad hair day post?  Phoebe and the other Our Generation Hair Play Dolls are available at Mastermind Toys for $49.99.


Today we are going to take a closer look at her features in this Our Generation Hair Play Doll review.


To start here is a photo of her tag.


This doll’s torso is completely fabric, however I noticed that the fabric used is different from most dolls.  This fabric reminds me of spandex rather than the cotton fabric that I am used to seeing.


Here she is from the side.  You notice here that she has a dial on her back, we will get to that later.


This is the stamp found on the back of here neck, BATTAT.


She has a very sweet face, with deep brown eyes, a lovely smile, and rosy cheeks.  I like her eyebrows as they look like real hair.


This doll’s eyes close while lying.


She has rooted hair however, it is not sparse in the least.  This doll has so much hair to play with! (Hence the name I suppose.)


Look at the length of her beautiful locks!


Her hands have nice detailing.


Her elbows don’t have too much definition.  Her arms joints look very similar to the other soft bodied dolls I have reviewed.  However her joints were so tight, I was not able to pull her arms out enough to see if there was a string inside.


Her knee has a bit of definition in the front, but not so much in the back.


Again her legs joints look like the other dolls, but I ran into the same problem here that I did with the arms.

So here’s what truly makes this doll different from the other OG dolls:


This little dial adjusts the length of Phoebe’s hair.  We will show you how it works in the video below:

Due to this dial in the back and the mechanism inside, her waist is a bit thicker than the other OG dolls.  This difference in size limits her wardrobe choices, which can be a struggle when you are young, and your doll doesn’t fit all the same clothes as your sister’s.  (I know this from a personal experience.)


*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.*


We just recently learned that Our Generation dolls and accessories are also now available at!  Great news for Canadian doll fans!


6 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation Hair Play doll

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  2. This doll reminds me of the Crissy dolls I played with in the 1970s! The Our Generation line has a lot of adorable accessories and clothes, glad you can get them in Canada too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too, I was so sad when Target left, but when I discovered that there are a few stores in Canada carry OG I was happy again😊.

      This doll reminded of “Dolly Surprise” from the 90s, except her hair was electric ⚡️, I will have to look up Crissy dolls… I don’t know anything about them!


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