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Doll Suitcase Tutorial

dollsuitcase open_Fotor

Check out this adorable suitcase I made!  I saw the tutorial on YouTube and I had to give it a try it!

I made a few alterations that I will share with you.  Of course I had to increase the size seeing that I was making it for an 18 inch doll.  These are the dimensions I used:

suitcase dimensions_Fotor

I used my glue gun to adhere the the two types of cardboard.  I also used hockey tape as a replacement for the duct tape in the video.  I thought the hockey tape would be more flexible, and of course more Canadian 🙂  I also used ribbon for the handle, as I didn’t have any faux leather.

I think it turned quite nicely.  It took me about two hours to make.  I thought I would preassemble a few of the boxes, and show my 8 year old daughter and few of her friends how to cover it in fabric.  That endeavour also took about two hours, plus two bottles of tacky glue!  What I learned from that experience; little girls certainly like their glue!


The girls had a lot of fun working on this project together.

Here’s how my daughter’s suitcase turned out:

girl suitcase_Fotor

It’s pretty cute, she used beads to add her name to the handle.  As mentioned before the girls used a lot of tacky glue, and the suitcases took a long time to dry, and even warped a bit. Be sure to avoid this by using as little tacky glue as possible on this project.

Have fun with this craft, the possibilities are endless!  There are so many ways you can alter it, and make it your own.  Please share with us photos of your doll suitcases to us via email, we would love see them!  Some of our favorites we will share here on our blog.  Have fun!


5 thoughts on “Doll Suitcase Tutorial

    • Thanks Brenda, it wasn’t too hard to make, just time consuming. Believe it or not our suitcases are still being used today, so they hold up fairly well too!


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