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Why are There Numbers on my Maplelea Doll’s Neck?

Have you ever wondered what those numbers that you find on your Maplelea doll’s neck mean? Well let me help you make some sense of it!



The number on the back of a Maplelea doll’s neck (I rubbed chalk on the embossing to help this show up for the photos in this post)…is known as the “generation number”.

Using this number you can tell the year and production run of your doll.  The first number that is embossed on the back of the doll’s neck, in this case 2008-1 means that the first production run of this character was done in 2008. Subsequent production runs of the same character have an additional stamped number below the embossed number, in this case 2011-6. From this number we know that the first production run of the Leonie doll was in 2008.  We also have learned that this Leonie doll is part of the 6th production run (or generation) that occurred in 2011.

Most dolls will have two numbers on the back of their neck as you see above, unless you have a first generation doll.


This is the back of a neck of a first generation Leonie doll (again I used chalk).  Notice that there is no stamped number below the embossed number. If your doll only has one number like this, congratulations you own a first generation doll!

Thank you Dollation for helping me to make sense of these numbers!


I origianlly wrote this post in the summer.  This past fall, 2015 the newest Maplelea doll, Charlsea was introduced.  This is what I found on the back of her neck…

Maplelea Charlsea's generation number

So what I figured from this was that the doll had been slated to be introduced in 2014 and this doll in 2015 is part of the first production run.  The G4 threw me for a loop so I asked Maplelea, and this is the response I received… charlseaquestion

So what I gather, is that they had different face moulds for Charlsea, and this is the one they choose, “G4”.

Just side note: Did you happen to notice the date I asked and received the answers?  New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!  Maplelea has incredible customer service!

I hope his post answers your questions about Maplelea’s generation numbers.  Anything else you would like to know about these dolls?  Just ask, if we don’t know we will find out!

If you would like to see the differences between the first generation Leonie (2008-1) and Leonie 2011-6, visit this post.


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