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Meredith’s Makeover Mistake!

Meet Meredith, a well loved Journey Girl.


Meredith came to see us for some help, after she had a makeover.  Lipstick had been liberally applied to her lips by the little girl that owns her.  So we went to work!


First off we used a toothpick to scrape the lipstick out from between her lips.  Then we washed her face with soap and water, no luck.  Next I tried some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, again no luck.


So we moved onto Mr. Clean.  We cut a small square from a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, added a bit of water, and went to work.  We rubbed as gently as possible, as not to remove the paint from her lips.  I was worried that the lipstick had permanently stained the vinyl, seeing that the lipstick had been there for quite some time.

As always be careful, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser contains chemicals and is also abrasive.  Please read and follow the instructions found on the box.


Here is Meredith’s before and after photos. She looks pretty good!


10 thoughts on “Meredith’s Makeover Mistake!

  1. Wow! Good job. Getting lipstick off is not easy. I love the magic eraser. That and plain old water and baking soda work well if the vinyl isn’t stained. Meredith looks awesome!

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