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How to Tame Unruly Doll Hair Using a Flat Iron

Meet Phoebe an Our Generation Hair Play doll.  She has gorgeous ankle length blonde hair…


…However when she came to me, her hair was a bit of unruly.  This was going to be a challenge.


Using a wire wig brush, we started brushing.  Using gentle strokes, moving from the bottom to the top.  There were a few knots that took some work to breakdown.


Her hair is all brushed, thanks to my beautiful assistant.  Although it is improved, it is a bit fluffier than I would prefer.


Next we wrapped Phoebe in a bag, to protect her body from getting wet.


Then we placed her glorious hair in the sink.  We didn’t wash it, we only wet in with warm water.  We were careful not to get her head wet.  You don’t want any water getting inside and causing mold to grow.


Next we combed through a small amount of the Dove Frizz-Proof Cream-Serum, through her wet hair.


Then taking small sections at a time, I spritz her hair with water to make sure it was damp. On the lowest setting possible I flat ironed that section.  I found 80 degrees celsius was a bit too low, so I titrated up to 130 degrees to get the desired result.  The flat iron steamed the hair straight. I DON’T recommend using heat on synthetic hair.  Heat should only be used in extreme circumstances, when you’ve tried everything else.  I far as I was concerned this circumstance was extreme!  Use the LOWEST setting possible on your flat iron to achieve the desired result.  DO NOT use a flat iron on dry synthetic hair!  Be sure to ASK for permission before trying this if applicable.  I would also recommend using as OLD flat iron that you aren’t too attached to, in case this goes sour.  As always be careful!!!


Here we are halfway done.  The left side is nice and straight, where the right side remains unruly.


This is how Phoebe looked after her visit to our spa.  Her hair is a bit frizzy on the ends still.  If she had been my doll I would have trimmed her hair a bit to give it a cleaner look.  Other than that we were quite pleased with how she turned out.


9 thoughts on “How to Tame Unruly Doll Hair Using a Flat Iron

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  2. The key is that adults, not children, should be getting a flat-iron close to doll hair. It is easy for them to get it too hot or not move fast enough through the hair.

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