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Mastermind Toys


Like many Canadian Our Generation doll fans, we were sad to see Target leave us last year.  At Christmastime Target opened an international website, where you could have items shipped to Canada, but shipping costs were pricey. We thought that our only options were Amazon and travelling to US.  So you can imagine our delight, when we discovered that Mastermind Toys carried the dolls, and accessories we loved so much! So we took a field trip to our local Mastermind Toys to see their selection.


When we entered the store we were greeted by this lovely pink sight above!


Our Generation is a great line of 18 inch dolls, but what we like most are all the fun play sets.


We were impressed with selection of dolls available at the store.


Our Generation has some really cute fashions available for the dolls, and the prices are quite reasonable.


What caught our attention were the mini dolls!  After seeing all the clothing and accessories available for the Lori dolls… we may be focusing a bit more on 6 inch dolls in the future…


Mastermind Toys also had a great selection of Tiny Pretenders costumes for your 18 inch doll, with matching Great Pretenders costumes for girls.  Check out our review of Tiny Pretenders clothing!

So if you or anyone in you know is into 18 inch or 6 inch dolls, we would recommend a visit to your local Mastermind Toys!



We just recently learned that Our Generation dolls and accessories are also now available at Well.ca!  Great news for Canadian doll fans!

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