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Review of Journey Girl Dolls

I have a confession to make, the Journey Girls  were my gateway doll.  That’s right it was this line of dolls that lead me into the world of 18 inch dolls.  It all started one Saturday morning when my oldest daughter and I were at Toys”R”Us shopping for yet another birthday party gift.  While we were scoping the shelves looking for just the right gift when Dee-dee pointed out the Journey Girl dolls.  I had to admit that they were beautiful dolls, but with the $39.99, price tag they were too rich for my blood.

I had forgotten this experience, until a few months later when I was shopping for a special gift for my girls.  Once again as I was roaming the aisles of Toy”R”Us, my eyes fell upon the Journey Girls looking so poised and beautiful behind their transparent packing.  I loved that they were available in a variety of hair, skin and eye colours, something that is very important to me as a mother of mixed race children.  As I admired these dolls and their fashions, I recalled how Dee-dee had also admired the Journey Girls.  Seeing that the dolls were on sale on for $34.97, I couldn’t resist and I brought home Callie and Kyla, my girls were ecstatic!

So what are these dolls all about?  Stick around and I will show you!


Our model is Kyla, a beautiful Journey Girl.


Here is her tag to prove she is a genuine Journey Girl, made in China.  The tags indicate that this doll’s mold was created in 2013.

Enough introductions!  Let’s get started!!!


What I noticed immediately about these dolls are that their torsos are half vinyl, and half fabric.  This gives them the look of a real girl and with collarbones and a bust.  I would say these dolls are modelled after a pre to early teen body.  The half vinyl torso allows her to look cuter in a sundress, but does make her less cuddly then other 18 inch dolls.


Here is a view of the doll from the side.  You can see how much slimmer her body is than other 18 inch dolls.  She has no bottom to sit on, and I often struggle to get her to sit on her own. This extra slim body could raise the argument of body image concerns with younger girls.

Due to their slim bodies Journey Girls don’t often fit into other brands of 18 inch doll clothing, and in turn Journey Girl clothing doesn’t fit other brands of 18 inch dolls.  Something that is good to know if you are considering buying one of these dolls or their outfits.


Like the other dolls she has a stamp on the back of her neck.


The neck joint is different than most of the other dolls, because her neck and shoulders are vinyl.  Due to the different joint she is able to tilt her head to the side, as seen in the photo above.  This is definitely makes her more fun for posing!


Here is a close-up of her face, I love her rosy cheeks.


I think that she has beautiful hazel eyes, in addition to her eyelashes she also has painted eyelashes on her eyelids.


Journey Girls do not have eyes that close when lying.  To remedy this problem I bought the doll a sleep mask, when my girls were having “sleepovers” with their dolls.  Having fixed eyes does eliminates problems with the eyes not opening and closing properly.  (This is a problem I am currently having with one of our dolls.)


Journey Girls have rooted hair, as you can see at her hairline in the photo above.


In the photo above you can see the bald patches created by the rooted hair.  These patches really bothered my five year old daughter on discovery.  Rotted hair also pulls out a bit easier with brushing as opposed to wigged hair.  Wigged hair however is a lot higher maintenance than rooted hair, something you want to consider when purchasing a doll.


The doll’s hair is quite fine, and not the same quality of more expensive 18 inch doll lines.  I fear that it won’t hold up to a lot brushing.  We have only had this doll for a year and her hair is already quite frizzy.


The doll’s hand are “C” shaped which helps the doll to hold objects during play, as you can see in the photos above.


The doll’s feet are quite narrow and small. As you can see in the photo below the doll’s toes are also defined on the bottom and she has an arch.  I like this because it makes them look more real, but the smaller, shaped feet limit the doll from easily standing independently.  She also is able to share shoes with many of the other 18 inch doll lines.


I don’t see a defined elbow on this doll, the arms look quite straight.


The shoulder joints are different again due to the vinyl upper body.  The arms are able to move back and forth but cannot be pulled out to the side.


The legs of this doll are very slim when compared to other 18 inch dolls.


The hip joints look the same as the other dolls.  The Journey Girl leg joints rotate in place only and aren’t flexible on the sides, like many other 18 inch dolls.

Have you ever seen a doll that looks similar to the Journey Girls and can’t figure out why?  As it turns out Journey Girls, Newberry dolls, and Espari dolls are all made by the same parent company, Lotus Onda.  Although all three lines of dolls look similar, there are unique differences.  As Espari dolls are not available in Canada, we won’t be reviewing them, however if you are interested in them I would recommend you head over to Journey Girl Adventures as you will find an excellent review of these dolls there.

If you are looking for a beautiful doll, with a fabulous wardrobe, and play sets I recommend you check out these Journey Girls available at Toys”R”Us.


*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.*

12 thoughts on “Review of Journey Girl Dolls

  1. Great review! Totally agree with the criticisms of the Journey Girls. Beautiful dolls with some shortcomings. Your Kyla has different hair quality than the older Journey Girls…and I agree it is not as nice as other dolls hair. Awesome job and lots of great photos!

    Liked by 1 person

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