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Review of Dream World Collection Doll Clothing

Gong Hey Fat Choy, from Canadian Doll Notebook!


This coming Monday is Chinese New Year, and the start of the year long celebration of the monkey. The monkey also just happens to be my Chinese Zodiac sign! In celebration of Chinese New Year, we would like to pay tribute to all the Chinese that helped to settle this great country of ours.  Please take the time to watch the Heritage Minute below: Today I am also going to review an Asian style Dream World Collection dress that I bought from  The actual name of this dress is “Asian Beauty“.  It is currently on sale for $20.97, regularly it costs $25.97.


The outfit came in this cute little bag.  I was happy to see that the shoes were in their own separate bag, so that there was no chance of the black soles staining the dress.


I like the simple style of the front, very similar to other Chinese dresses that I have seen.  Golden rick-rack was used to embellish the design.  I did notice that they did not attempt to duplicate the traditional buttons that you see on other Asian dresses.


These are the buttons on my wedding dress, it would have been very difficult to make them for an 18 inch doll.  That being said I would love to see someone try, these buttons are so beautiful.


In the back they used a rougher style velcro for closure.  I was impressed to see that they placed the rough side down as not to snag our doll’s hair.  This dress fit our Maplelea Alexi very well.


I was impressed with the quality of the shoes.  I bought this outfit for the dress only, and was happy to see that not only did the shoes fit my doll, but they were lined!  I loved the polka dot detail on the inside, and the buttons on the sides.  The soles were a flexible black plastic, very similar to the plastic I have seen on our Maplelea shoes.


The truth is I bought this dress because, it reminded me of my wedding dress.  So big question, who wore it better?

Best wishes and congratulations, have a prosperous and good year!


*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.*

6 thoughts on “Review of Dream World Collection Doll Clothing

    • It was so fun! We had to go to a little shop in Chinatown to find our wedding clothes. They had to go to the back room to find a dress big enough for me. It was a XXXL! Shopping in Chinatown can be hard on your self image 🙂


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  2. What a lovely wedding picture. What a beautiful gown. What a beautiful bride. You are quite the woman! The little New Year outfit is cute. We got the original #4 AG doll, and their New Year outfit. It was a two-piece outfit. They had an accessory set to go with it back in the nineties I was too cheap to buy it. Really only wanted th Gong. You should take a look for it on American Girl Wiki page. Oh, yes and an envelope of Chinese mini coins. In your family, you may really want to splurge if you can find it on ebay.. Just trying to fuel the addiction…..

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