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Review of Springfield Dolls

On my quest the right 18 inch dolls for my daughters, I asked Michelle where she recommended that I look for these dolls.  Michelle’s daughters had Maplelea dolls, but as beautiful as they were, I knew there was no way that my husband would allow me to purchase $100 dolls for my girls, so I was looking for a more affordable option.  She told me that Michaels carries an 18 inch doll line named Springfield, for $29.99.  She did not recommend me buying these dolls for my daughters, but she said the accessories were cute.  So when I chose dolls for my girls I went with the Journey Girls not the Springfield dolls, on Michelle’s recommendation.  Why didn’t Michelle think I should buy the Springfield dolls?  Could they be all that bad?

About a year after my Journey Girl purchase I was at Michaels and I saw that the Springfield dolls were now on clearance.  As you well know I struggle to walk away from sale, so I figured this was my perfect chance to see what these dolls were all about.


Out of the five dolls available in the Springfield line, I chose the Latina doll, Maria.  As you an see in the photo above, Maria came with a name and brief story.  Her friends were also featured on the box, Madison, Emma, Olivia, and Abby.  I found it interesting that she was recommended for age 4+, where other 18 inch dolls are recommended for ages 6-8+.  Is this a great 18 inch doll for younger children, who aren’t ready for the responsibility of a more expensive doll?  Let’s see!


First off each Springfield item you purchase comes with a SF Style Club card.  The codes on these cards can be redeemed on the SF Style Club website.  On the website you are able to choose a virtual Springfield doll, and dress her different virtual clothing from the Springfield line.  The more points you collect from your Springfield purchases, the more clothing your virtual doll is able to choose from.  I wasn’t super impressed with this feature, the girls and I thought the site was kind of boring.


Maria came out of her box very easily.  There were only five twist ties holding her in place, one around her neck, and one around each wrist and ankle.  She came wearing just this simple green dress, no shoes or accessories.


Her tag shows that she is made in China.


This dolls has a soft, stuffed body with a vinyl head, arms and legs.


Her body isn’t stuffed as tightly as some of the other dolls, and I could easily bend her in half.  The fabric of her torso was also very thin, and lower quality.


From the side you can see that she has a pronounced bottom.


The stamp on the beck of her neck, indicates that her mold is from 1996.  Her head has also been secured with a visible zip tie.  This is a great feature so little hands cannot take her head off accidentally.


The thing that struck me first are that her lips are a very unnatural pink, and her eyebrows are pencil thin.  Between the lip colour, and the eyebrows she looked like a model from 90s, the era in which she was created.  You can also see in this photo that she does have visible teeth, similar to American Girl dolls.


It really bothers me that you can see the silver edge of her eye.  To me it looks as though her eyes were put in crooked.


She has beautiful thick eyelashes, and eyes that close while lying.


I noticed that her vinyl head was extremely squishy.


I was disappointed to notice that there was paint splattered on her face from the factory.


I have to admit that I found her head shape very unappealing.  My oldest daughter assisted me in the photos above to show you just how flat it is.


This doll has rooted hair, like most other less expensive dolls.  However this doll’s hair is the thinest I have yet to encounter.  There is a good inch and a half strip on her scalp where there no hair at all.  Not only is her hair thin, it is ragged and choppy at the ends.


Her fingers are quite spread out, which makes it a challenge to have her hold any objects during play.


The soles of here feet are flat.  I liked that her toes are defined on the bottom and on the top.


Her knee doesn’t have much definition…


…Nor do her elbows.

The leg joints are similar to American Girl and Maplelea dolls, in that Springfield uses tension cups and elastics.


Her joints were extremely loose, when I was pushing on the arms and legs it looks like the tension cups were about to pop out.  I don’t think that this doll’s joints would be able to endure too much abuse.


The extremely loose joints, do have their benefits though, Maria was able to do a full split and hold it.  I have yet to see another 18 inch doll do that!


Like her face, her legs are extremely soft.

Needless to say I was very disappointed in the quality of this doll.  I am so glad that I took Michelle’s advice, and did not buy them for my girls, the Journey Girls are a much nicer doll.  Like most things in life you get what you pay for, I highly recommend spending a bit more money and choosing from another line of 18 inch dolls.


A few weeks later on a trip to Michaels, Michelle noticed a new doll line had taken the Springfield doll’s place.  No more Springfield dolls, Creatology’s Modern Girls have taken their place.  These dolls have a bit higher price tag at $34.99, will these dolls be an improvement on the old, or will they prove to disappoint as well?  The answer is in my Modern Girls doll review!


*As always on our site, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated.

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