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Review of Walmart’s My Life As Doll

I remember the summer of 1994 when Walmart came to Canada.  My local brown brick Woolco was painted a dull grey, and I was introduced to world of “greeters” and “rollbacks”.  The prices were low and other discount department stores, and local businesses were unable to compete, and subsequently many were forced to close their doors.  Through their success Walmart continued to expand in Canada, today you can find one in just about every good sized town.

This expansion has made Walmart’s My Life As doll the most accessible 18 inch doll in Canada.  The dolls are currently priced at $34.93, although the dolls don’t come with names or stories, they are very career based reminding me of Barbie’s I Can Be line.  Like the other 18 inch doll lines, the dolls are available in several eye, skin, and hair colour combinations.

How does this doll stack up when compared to the other 18 inch dolls?  Let’s find out!

Our My Life As model was borrowed from my daughter’s friend.  From what I understand she had just returned from a camping trip, and she came to our house a little worse for wear…

My Life doll spa before lazy eye hair messy

Lazy eye, messy hair, black nail polish, no shoes, and in her nightgown!  Seriously, she looked like she just stepped out of People of Walmart!  She was not prepared for her photo shoot, so my daughter and I did what we love to do and gave her a dolly spa treatment.


Now that’s much better, this I can work with!


Now let’s see what this doll is all about!


Right away you can see that this doll has a half vinyl torso, like the Journey Girl dolls.  I quite like this feature, as far as I am concerned there is nothing worse when you are dressing your doll in a cute sundress, and then you have to deal with those awkward neck wrinkles that some of the full fabric bodied dolls have, yikes!


Here is a view of her from the side, she’s got quite the little booty.


Here is the stamp found on the back of her neck.


A similar stamp is found on her back.  These stamps indicate that her mold was created in 2013, and most likely that was the year that the My Life As line was introduced.

My Life doll face

She has a lovely face, with the added detail of freckles. She also has painted upper and lower lashes as well as painted details around the eyes.


I love the depth and colour of her green eyes.


In this photo you can appreciate how beautiful and thick her eyelashes are, I love when dolls have thick eyelashes!  Her eyes also close when lying, a feature that is very important to my 6 and 8 year old daughters.  As much as I like the added depth of the painted upper lashes I must admit that it looks quite strange when the doll is lying.  As you can see in the in the image above although her eyes are closed, her painted lashes are still in the open eye position, it just looks wierd.


This doll also has a very soft her face like the Newberry doll, without much effort I was able to depress her cheeks, this is something I couldn’t do with the more expensive dolls like Maplelea or the Journey Girl dolls.


I love the length and colour of her hair, there is a lot of to play with, which is often important to little hands.


These dolls have rooted hair, which is great for younger kids as it is lower maintenance.  When dolls have wigs you have to worry about getting the wig cap wet, the brush catching in the wig wefts and the wig coming loose.


Here you can see how sparsely her hair is distributed.  I don’t believe that this doll’s hair is securely knotted inside her head as it should be.  As you can see in the above photo much of her hair has been pulled out, and every time that I ran a brush through her hair even more would come free!


This photo was taken after brushing the doll’s hair during the dolly spa she endured.  I fear that with much brushing this doll would not have any hair left.  She must have had a lot of hair in the beginning, to lose this much and still look okay!  If you have this brand of doll, or any doll for that matter I would recommend buying a mini looper brush, I truly believe that brush will extend the life of any doll’s hair.


This is her neck joint it is also very similar to the Journey Girl doll, due to the half vinyl torso.  This type of neck joint is great for posing, as you can tilt her head to side for those thoughtful poses.


Her arm joint again too is very similar to the Journey Girls, and is great for posing.  She is able to hold her arms out to the side to and they also rotate.


Her leg joints were extremely stiff, I met a lot of resistance when trying to pose her.  Like the Our Generation and Newberry dolls her legs will only rotate which is great for a side split but not the full splits.


As hard as I tried I was unable to rotate her hips out.  Her feet would not budge from this pigeon-toed position.


She has cute little dimpled knees.


The back of her knee also had some added definition.


Her hands have quite a bit of detail, her dimpled knuckles are adorable.  I thought that her fingers were too short and stubby, like little sausage fingers.


Her toes are also quite stubby.  The bottom of her foot is flat without an arch.  I liked that the toes are clearly defined on the bottom of her foot, for added detail.


Like her face, her limbs are also very soft, my eight year old daughter was able to bend the doll’s knee for the photo above.

So that’s about it for the My Life As doll, I think that she would be great choice for a younger child.  So next time you head to Walmart, say hello to the greeter and check out the toy department.  Who knows, maybe you might get lucky and find this doll on rollback.


*As always on our site, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated.

23 thoughts on “Review of Walmart’s My Life As Doll

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  3. Hi, I am needing a wholesale company to start up my new business. I am looking to order 100 dolls ony first order.

    Thank you,
    Pamela Green
    Sweet & Sassy Dolls


  4. Hi Pamela, I would recommend trying AliExpress, for bulk ordering. I guess it depends on what you are looking for in a doll, I have never bought a doll from AliExpress, so I can’t tell you what quality to expect. We have seen just about every 18 inch doll available at stores in Canada, and we can share with you which dolls are our favourites. Let us know how we can help. Good luck with your business, please keep us up to date with your progress!


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  9. My life doll are pretty you have to choose the right shape of face and everything else at Walmart store there eyes are great opening and closeing check there eyes test by open and closeing banking inside the box up and down to see if the eyes good opening and closeing
    Email me back

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I just bought a My life as ‘ s doll from Walmart and I ‘m very disapointed since this doll does not sit properly.on the chair I bought specially made for these dolls…the legs are very rigid and as hard as I tried, the legs don’t split at all and the feets position is awkard…I must mention that I bought in on sale: $19.99.. I was wondering if this was just a batch that has been butched and that was reason they were so cheap.. Sorry if I made mistake and mispelling.. I’m French Canadian.

    Have a good day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pas de problème, mon français est très faible. Je souhaite que j’ai répondu en français mais je ne peux pas plus, alors…

      You are right the legs of the Walmart “My Life As” are extremely tight. The doll I reviewed in the article above, her legs were stuck in a pigeon-toed position, and difficult to rotate. So, to answer your question, no you didn’t get a bad batch the dolls are all like that. Sorry!

      I hope that answered your question, if not let me know and I will be happy to try to help. À la prochaine!


  11. I was wondering if you have a solution to the legs being twisted? I’m guessing my 7 year old granddaughter and my daughter tried to move the dolls legs and now they are twisted and will now go back to their original position, we managed to get them straight again but they are slanted to one side.

    Liked by 1 person

    • From what I can see their legs are not strung, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t return to same position unless something was caught in the leg mechanism inside the doll. I had problems positioning the My Life As doll for the photos as her legs were so tight and unforgiving. Maybe with all the repositioning of her legs the stuffing maybe have shifted inside the doll and has caused her legs to be slanted? Maybe you could try to push her stuffing around her legs and see if that helps to straighten them out.

      I am sorry I don’t have much advice for you… I suppose you could remove her head and remove the stuffing to take a better look, but it probably wouldn’t be worth all the effort as these dolls are fairly inexpensive. But, hey I am always up for a dolly repair, so maybe you might be too!

      Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by! If you need anything else don’t hesitate to contact us🙂


  12. I’m very late on this post, and I was there when the old My Life dolls were around. You remember Madame Alexander? Well, when I saw these newer dolls, I was just angry that their “black” doll wasn’t close to being black. At least the old ones had black features. So that one you showed was cute, and rooted hair is better than wigs. With the closing of Toys R Us, I have zero access to the Journey Girls dolls. Hopefully, the Journey Girls can show this brand how to make dolls that are worth buying because My Life as is very unfashionable. To me, of course.

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