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Review of Maplelea’s Ukrainian Dance Outfit

Canadian Doll Notebook would like to wish all Ukrainians, and Orthodox Christians a Merry Christmas today!


We were pleased to learn that Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan, has declared 2016 the year of the Saskatchewan Ukrainians.  It has been 125 years since the first wave of Ukrainian immigrants entered Canada.  According to the last Saskatchewan census, more than 13% of the province’s 1,138,879 residents can trace at least part of their ancestry back to Ukraine. In keeping with Maplelea‘s attention to Canadian history, we chose to share this Heritage Minute dedicated to the early European settlers of the prairies with you.


We also felt it would be fitting today to review Brianne‘s Ukrainian dance outfit.  This outfit sells for $45 from Maplelea.


Stage costumes worn by Ukrainian Dancers, are based on traditional dress to idealize village life. The embroidery patterns and headpieces vary from region to region, and often family to family.  After looking at other Ukrainian dance costumes, we have concluded that Brianne’s is similar to what you would see at Ukrainian festivals, and events.


We love the detail in the embroidery. The velcro in the back of the blouse is soft and facing down, and doesn’t snag the doll’s hair as much.  The cuff and the neckline have elastic, ensuring a snug fit.  Our only complaint is that the blouse, and underskirt are 100% cotton and will always look a bit wrinkly.  This may drive these crazy doll moms to point of ironing after each play session.


The wreath is made of silk flowers which are attached to a wire.  We loved the v-cut detail in ribbons, and the fact that ends were sealed.  We were impressed that the satin apron sash was topstitched, and also sealed on the ends.  The embroidery and ricrac, on this apron add to its authenticity.


The boots are red faux leather.  We like the velcro side closures, which make it easier to take the boots off and on.  As well the boots are lined with the same faux leather, but in white.  The boots have a flexible black plastic sole, which would be very slippery to wear if you weren’t a doll. Overall we love this outfit, well worth the money.



We had a few problems with the apron when we did the original shoot.  When we compared our photos to Maplelea’s we noticed that their apron seemed to have a better fit.  Also we found it strange that we had to have the tag of apron in the front in order for the skirt to tie on the left.  On closer inspection of the Maplelea photo we noticed that the sash was wrapped twice around the doll.  This clinched in her waist and tightened the apron so it didn’t fall off.

So when you go to dress Brianne remember, the tag goes in the back, and the sash wraps completely around the waist and ties on the left!


*As always on our blog, prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.

4 thoughts on “Review of Maplelea’s Ukrainian Dance Outfit

  1. I am half Ukrainian, was born in Regina, and still have relative in Sask. Whenever my mom could not afford to give us a regular Christmas she would always tell us we would have an Ukrainian Christmas :).

    I used to do doll repair (mainly barbies) back in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

    Nice connecting with you

    Alex (from photo 101)

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  2. I really like the outfits from Maplelea. Very pretty. Not quite sold on their faces yet, although the one from the North is growing on me. I am normally into American Girl dolls – have been since 96. However, I am so glad a Canadian company is doing it and also really love their Canadiana.. This Ukranian outfit of yours looks truly amazing. Looks like SUCH good quality. At this point probably quite a bit better than the average American Girl outfit, and with the dollar, less expensive.

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